Wireless LAN, PTP/PTMP
With 802.11n deployment well under way, enterprises are beginning to eye Wireless LAN, PTP/PTMP as primary and secondary links
Unified Communication
IT is in a time of disruptive transition, caused by the rise of Unified Communication
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Wireless AP & Controllers
Routers & Switches
FXO/FXS & Voice
IP Phones & Surveillance
By Industry
Enterprise & Healthcare
Retails & Hospitality
Manufacturing Units
ISP & Wireless ISP
By Applications
VoIP & Voice Gateway
Campus Wi-Fi & Mobility
Enterprise Data
Unified Communication
Professional Services Network Integration
Campus Wide WLAN
L2/L3 Solution
Wireless P2P/P2MP Solution
Voice & Data Solution
Nigus Systems is a networking company, develops next generation Mobility, Wireless, Networking products and solutions that provide Voice, Video and Data Communication over IP in Wireless & Wired environment. With our next generation products & solutions, customers across a variety of industries can have a whole new class of Internet connected products. We are focused on few key market segments: healthcare,enterprise, hospitality, retail and manufacturing units.

Nigus Systems is dedicated to providing a full range of high performance, feature-rich, power-efficient, and cost-effective products and solutions for fast-emerging Networked Multimedia applications including tiny portable wearable, voice-controlled IP device and advance enterprise VoIP devices and business applications.

Nigus Systems also offers networking solution and services to integration of Wireless LAN, LTE, Wired Network as part of professional services in order to enable our clients to innovate faster and helping the companies accomplish mission critical services.
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